Exploring The Importance Of Recess

Motivating Your Teen To Do Homework

Some teens love to study and are intrinsically motivated. But in most cases, it can be difficult for teens to continue the grind of studying mathematics to the level of mastery. If you are having a hard time motivating your teen, you may need to use a different strategy.

Investigate The Root Cause

Find out why your teen does not do his or her homework. It could be that your teen simply enjoys doing something else much more. Or, it could be because your teen feels anxiety over his or her homework and doesn't anticipate performing well. You may be able to bribe your teen with more playtime by first requiring that he or she finish his or her homework before being allowed to engage in the desirable task. Conversely, if your teen lacks motivation, you may need to focus on positive feedback and reminding him or her that it is normal to struggle to master a new subject matter.

Connect Homework To Your Teen's Long-term Goals

Your teen is more likely to be motivated by your encouragement if he or she believes that both of you are on the same team. When you simply order your teen to do homework, your teen will feel less motivated. Instead, you should understand your teen's goals and discuss them thoroughly. Try to connect the act of completing his or her homework to his or her long-term goals.

Set A Specific Study Time

Try to set a specific time in which your teen performs his or her homework. You might make dinner shortly after he or she gets home to offer more time for your teen to relax. Then, homework could always come immediately after dinner. By making this a habit, your teen is more likely to do his or her homework.

Use Punishments Consistently

While punishments are not as effective as simply feeling internally motivated, if you must use a punishment, make sure to apply it consistently. For example, if your teen loses a smartphone for a week after not performing his or her homework, consistently take away the mobile device. If you make an exception, your teen may expect exceptions to rules in the future.

Hire A Tutor

Tutors who have worked with high school students are experienced with motivating teenagers to study. If you are struggling to motivate your teen yourself, you may need to receive assistance from a tutor. To learn more about hiring a tutor, contact a company like Motivational Educational Training Company Inc

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Exploring The Importance Of Recess

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