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4 Reasons To Send Your Daughter To An All Girls Catholic High School

If you want a specific type of education for your child, you should consider private schools. Private schools offer more freedom when it comes to discussion of religion, and you can even find single-gender schools for your child. All girls Catholic high schools are beneficial in many ways. Here are four things you can do for your daughter by sending her to an all girls Catholic high school:

1. Nurture your daughter's faith.

By law, public schools are not allowed to encourage any particular faith. Catholic high schools are private schools, which means they have the freedom to teach and encourage Catholicism. As a parent of faith, you want your child to grow up with a healthy spiritual life. In Catholic school, your daughter can learn the basic tenets of the Catholic faith. Teachers and chaplains can provide uplifting Christian messages which will help your child grow into a faithful adult.

2. Allow your daughter to receive an excellent education.

While catholic high schools offer faith-based education, they also have rigorous academic standards. Your daughter will receive an excellent education at a Catholic high school, which will give them a good foundation of knowledge. With the things they learn in high school, they can go on to succeed in university and the job market.

3. Encourage strong bonds of friendship.

Friendship is important for people at all ages, but it's especially important for girls who are still in their formative years. Your daughter can make friends in Catholic school who she will cherish for the rest of her life. Encouraging girls to create positive, affectionate friendships with other girls can give her a healthy social life. In an all girls school, your daughter will be able to focus on building and maintaining strong friendships, without the distraction of romantic entanglements with boys.

4. Protect your daughter from negative influence.

It's hard to grow up as a girl in today's world. Now more than ever, girls are inundated by harmful messages in media. Ad campaigns focus on insecurities that can give girls body image issues. When you send your child to an all girls Catholic high school, you are helping to protect them from the more negative aspects of mainstream culture. Catholic schools are environments where uniforms are mandatory. This can actually be a huge relief for teenage girls, who might otherwise feel an urge to conform by dressing a certain way for the approval of their peers. Uniforms put everyone on equal footing so they can focus more clearly on learning rather than clothing.

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Exploring The Importance Of Recess

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