Exploring The Importance Of Recess

Motivating Your Teen To Do Homework

Some teens love to study and are intrinsically motivated. But in most cases, it can be difficult for teens to continue the grind of studying mathematics to the level of mastery. If you are having a hard time motivating your teen, you may need to use a different strategy. Investigate The Root Cause Find out why your teen does not do his or her homework. It could be that your teen simply enjoys doing something else much more. Read More 

Get An Advantage For Your Child By Investing In Private School

Every parent wants what is best for their child, but at times it can be a struggle to determine what exactly is the best choice, especially when it comes to schooling. Since it's no secret that the public school system offers services for "free" through your taxpayer dollars (and many public schools do a good job of preparing children for college and their future career), many have wondered about the perks of paying for a private school. Read More 

About Me

Exploring The Importance Of Recess

Hey everyone, my name is Greg Butchers. I would like to explore the importance of recess and play breaks during the elementary school day. There is a lot of talk about eliminating recess to make time for other types of instruction. I firmly believe that children need unstructured playtime provided by breaks after lunch and throughout the day. The social skills learned during recess cannot be adequately replicated during class times. Kids also need to chance to stretch their legs to remain focused during structured lessons. Recess can help keep childhood obesity levels in check to keep kids healthy throughout life. I hope that I can convince others that recess is an important part of the education process. Thanks.