Exploring The Importance Of Recess

4 Reasons To Send Your Daughter To An All Girls Catholic High School

If you want a specific type of education for your child, you should consider private schools. Private schools offer more freedom when it comes to discussion of religion, and you can even find single-gender schools for your child. All girls Catholic high schools are beneficial in many ways. Here are four things you can do for your daughter by sending her to an all girls Catholic high school: 1. Nurture your daughter's faith. Read More 

Tips For Choosing The Right K6 School For Your Child

Most parents want the best for their children, and that includes a strong and well-balanced education. The foundation of a child's education begins in elementary school, so choosing the right school is something that is very important to most people. The public school that your child is assigned to may not always be the best option. As a parent, it is well worth your time to do some research and learn about the different schools in your area that may be the best fit for your child. Read More 

5 Benefits Of Public Education

If your child will soon hit school age, you'll need to start exploring educational options. There are so many schooling choices available! You may want to stick with the most traditional schooling choice, due to its many benefits. Public education is a popular choice for many children and parents all over the country. Keep reading to see what the main benefits of public education are:  It's a Low-Cost Choice If you're already struggling to handle everyday living expenses, you may not have the funds to pay for private education. Read More 

Private Schools: Preparing Your Student To Succeed On The SAT

If your child is a junior or senior at a private high school, they are likely to speak in the future tense; describing the lives they will lead or the goals they will achieve. However, to attain these future lofty goals, they have a number of hurdles to climb. These hurdles often come in the form of standardized tests and one standardized test looms more prominently than any other for most high school juniors and seniors: the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). Read More 

Considering Private School For Your Child? Three Reasons Why You Should

If your child is ready to go to elementary school, you may be trying to decide between public and private school. There are many benefits of private schools, three of which are listed below. Learning more about private school is important for both you and your child. Smaller Class Size You have likely heard of public schools that have large class sizes with only one teacher and wondered if the children could be taught properly. Read More 

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Exploring The Importance Of Recess

Hey everyone, my name is Greg Butchers. I would like to explore the importance of recess and play breaks during the elementary school day. There is a lot of talk about eliminating recess to make time for other types of instruction. I firmly believe that children need unstructured playtime provided by breaks after lunch and throughout the day. The social skills learned during recess cannot be adequately replicated during class times. Kids also need to chance to stretch their legs to remain focused during structured lessons. Recess can help keep childhood obesity levels in check to keep kids healthy throughout life. I hope that I can convince others that recess is an important part of the education process. Thanks.